SERVICES Interior Design

At Sarfatty Associates, we believe that Interior Design is a critical component of any successful project. Knowledge of ergonomics and human behavior is critical to providing functional interior and exterior spaces, appropriately scaled to the body and allowing for intuitive and efficient use. Whether for an interior remodel or a new building, the skillful execution of interior and exterior spaces dramatically enhances a person’s overall experience by providing richness of form, texture, color, functionality, and lighting.

Every project requires an individualized solution. Sarfatty Associates’ experience across varied project types enables us to provide successful options for challenging spaces. The interior requirements for a hotel are very different from those for a restaurant or a medical office. Successful interior design synthesizes space planning; finishes, furnishings, and equipment (FF&E); cabinetry and millwork; acoustics; and lighting into a holistic design unique and appropriate to that particular project.