SERVICES Architecture

Sarfatty Associates can help make your idea a reality. From your first meeting with the Sarfatty Associates team, we will develop a strategy to implement your design. This begins with Due Diligence, which defines your needs and goals through creation of a program, reviews code requirements, documents site conditions, and clarifies the project budget. Initial design concepts are then created and reviewed with you during the Schematic Design phase. Once a design is agreed upon, it is further refined through the creation of specific details, and selection of materials and systems in the Design Development phase.

Construction Documents (CDs) are a comprehensive set of drawings that describe exactly how the proposed project will be built. CDs are submitted to governmental agencies to obtain required building permits and are sent to general contractors (GCs) for pricing or bidding. After building permits have been issued and construction begins, we provide Construction Administration services. During this phase we act as your representative, addressing questions from the GC, and help ensure that the project is built in compliance with the approved plans and building codes.

Design, permitting, and construction can be confusing and chaotic to the uninitiated. With over thirty years’ experience of implementing fresh ideas, and our service-oriented philosophy, Sarfatty Associates makes this process straightforward, creating a successful outcome.