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Goddess & Grocer,

O'Hare International Airport

The Goddess & Grocer at Terminal 5, O'Hare's International terminal, is a locally-owned artisanal deli and market developed in conjunction with Chicago's Metropolis Coffee Company. Prominently located prior to security, the compact design of this space maximizes 1,600 square feet to elegantly merchandise pre-made and made to order food options, custom prepared coffee beverages, snacks, plus wine and beer, while still accommodating seating for 32 patrons. This open concept combines materials such as recycled wood, with an earthy, yet refined color palette. A living plant wall/herb garden provides a whimsical and organic touch, while the high glass atrium above ensures plenty of natural light. A translucent floating canopy and suspended fabric sculptural elements provide additional visual interest. The combined effect results in a pre-departure oasis, serving the international traveler in an energetic and airy space.

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