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23rd Street Cafe,

McCormick Place, Chicago

The 23rd Street Café at McCormick Place's north exhibition hall, owned and operated by SMG Savor, represents a fresh and sophisticated dining option for convention-goers and exhibitors. This vibrant 3,900 square foot food court, prominently located on the Grand Concourse, offers "to-go" and "made-to-order" menu items prepared in an onsite kitchen. A key element of this newly designed restaurant was the construction of a new bridge that seamlessly joins the Concourse with the food court, providing ease of access for visitors. The upscale décor with stylish graphics, playful lighting and a spacious 68 seat dining area offers McCormick Place visitors a dynamic new space to refresh and relax. An informal soft seating area supplements more traditional tables and chairs, providing patrons with a variety of options while taking a break from trade shows.


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