Shellie Gazlay

Vice President

When Shellie came to Sarfatty Associates in 1999 she already had eleven years of diversified architectural and interior design experience having worked both in the United States and in Israel. Her previous experience included city and town planning, corporate office facilities development, custom residential and retail food service design. These projects ranged in size from 2,000 up to 150,000 square feet for corporate clients such as Martin Brower, Schwinn Bicycle, Tenneco Automotive and Rolm Corporations.

Since Shellie has been with Sarfatty Associates, she has worked with food service, retail and hospitality clients such as Lush Cosmetics, Starbucks Coffee, Macy’s Food Service, HMS Host, Tishman Hotels, Remington Hotels and The Drake Hotel. Many of the projects she leads include conversions of existing hotel spaces into banquet rooms, reception areas, restaurants, retail outlets, executive conference centers, spas and fitness centers.

Shellie manages the complete project development process from programming, due diligence and design, through to the selection of interior accents & signage all the way to the hand over to operations. She combines her creative and management talent on each project giving clients a fully integrated design and professional services package. Shellie’s philosophy is to view the entire design process as the sculpting of a space that is influenced by the project goals; aesthetics, operations, sustainability, budget, and schedule.

Shellie received her Associate Three Year Degree in Architectural and Interior Design from the Niri Bloomfield Community College - School of Design in Haifa, Israel